"the pet survival and travel pack"


Here's our new Dog Pet-Pac BACKPACK survival pack. 

Same great contents as our DUFFLE


                     Let us, help you, help your pet  

                       Premium Large Dog Pet-Pac                                 Premium Cat Pet-Pac  


                      Survival, travel and more       


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Hurricanes on the gulf coast, earthquakes and fires in California, and floods in the midwest reminds us of the need for preparation for your family and your pets.  We all love our pets, but are we ready for emergencies, like earthquakes, fires and floods?  Do it for your pet.  PET-PAC has what you need for emergencies and great items for you when traveling with your animals.

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Could you leave your animals behind if you had to evacuate your home or an emergency caused all services to shut down?  Please put your own pack together, or see if our packs will work for your pet's needs. Let us help you help your pet.


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